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Internet Account Access

R.I.A. Federal Credit Union's Internet Account Access offers you Free, Convenient and Secure access to financial services online at any time of the day or night. Use Internet Account Access to:

* Obtain Balance Information
* Transfer Funds Within Your Account
* Schedule Transfers and Receive Email Notifications
* Review Account History
* Access FinanceWorks and RIA EZ-Pay Bill Payment

If you have already completed and submitted an application, you can access your account by clicking this link Internet Account Access. If you have not yet completed an application, please stop by an office to pickup an application and get started.

FinanceWorks™ powered by QuickenŽ

FinanceWorks™ powered by QuickenŽ, is the next generation of online financial management that combines the best of Quicken with the convenience of online banking. FinanceWorks powered by Quicken helps address your most pressing needs by empowering you to manage all your financial accounts in one place. This allows you to more easily budget, gain control over your spending, track where your money is being spent and save more.

Click the banner below for an informational demo!

FinanceWorks Demo

RIA EZ-Pay Bill Payment and Presentment

Using Online Bill Payment can be such a relief for those burdened by the time consuming chore of paying bills with pen and paper. RIA's New EZ-Pay is easy to use, secure and convenient.

RIA EZ-Pay offers features such as Bill Presentment, Email Notifications, Expedited Payments and much more. Unlimited use of this program is "FREE" when you pay at least 2 bills each month, have an active checking account and receive your statements electronically. If you fail to meet those qualifications, you will be charged a monthly fee of $ 4.95. Click on the Vault link below to enroll in E-Statements if you are not already signed up!

You can do everything you need from home, work, or anywhere you have Internet access. Plus you are not limited to business hours. RIA EZ-Pay Bill Payment and Presentment is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 a year.

Once you are registered for Internet Account Access, you can sign-up for EZ-Pay. Login and Click on the Bill Payment Button to enroll today!

Click for Online Bill Pay and Presentment Demo

Online Access to your R.I.A. Federal Credit Union VISAŽ Account

R.I.A. Federal Credit Union Visa Cardholders can now check their account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with just the touch of a button. As a secure site, mycardinfo.com allows you to:

Make Your PaymentReport Lost or Stolen Cards
Obtain Balance Information Check Available Credit
View Outstanding AuthorizationsView Current Activity
Review 2 Months of Account History Review Payment Information
Apply for a Credit Line IncreaseSend Credit Union Inquiries

To begin the enrollment process simply click on the mycardinfo link above.


This new product is now available for our members. Click on the button above and complete the easy steps to enroll. Upon Activation, you will be able to retrieve your current statement and retrieve a limited amount of previous statements. Best of all it's Free!

Financial Calculators

To use any of the following Financial Wizards, click on the links below.

Loan Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

Savings Calculator

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